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Accelerate your startup with

Rec Accelerator
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We are the only startup accelerator in Mexico focused on Music, Entertainment and Culture

Have you started your startup?


Do you have a project and don't know how to take it to the next level?


Our acceleration program lasts three months, where we work intensely with entrepreneurs to take their startups to the next level and perfect their pitches for investors. The program ends with Demo Day, where the entrepreneurs make their pitches in front of investors and potential clients.

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Join the program and get


Taught by business and industry experts.

You will learn how to overcome the entrepreneur's challenges.

You will perfect your techniques habilities.

You will learn about trends and new ways to develop your stratup.


Professionals and experts will accompany you and advise you to make the best decisions.

You will be able to find answers to many of the questions you have asked yourself about your startup.

Times dedicated mainly to your startup.

You can create your board of directors.


Meet people in the industry as well as potential investors.

Develop your startup with the trust of the people you know.

Learn to start and grow as a team.

Develop the opportunity to publicize your startup within your network of contacts.


You will have shared workspaces with people going through the same challenges as you.

Get office services, meeting room and reception of documents.


Get discounts on some essential services for the operation of your startup.

Recommendation of suppliers and resources to accelerate your startup.

Support promoting your events through the different startups and contacts.

*In some cases, we invest in the startup at the end of the program

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Requirements to apply

1. The Startup must be within the music, entertainment and culture sector

2. Not having received funding from Series A or later

3. If it is not a business that is already operating, be able to demonstrate that they have carried out research and previous work

Selection Process

Fill out the application
Application Reviw
The interview will be to get to know the founders and the startup in more detail
Decision making
The decision will be made by a committee, and if you are accepted, you will be informed

What do we look at to make the decision?

Market Size

We care that the opportunity is big enough


We analyze the experience, as well as the personality of the founders


We analyze your competitive advantage and compare it with the competition

Business Model

We analyze if the business is or can become profitable

Social Impact

We analyze if the business has a social impact


We analyze what they have achieved since the beginning of their Project

The time has come to believe and grow your dreams!
The last day to apply is May 15th
We are seeking the best
Limited availability

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We offer two payment options:

5% startup equity


$5,000 USD

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Important Dates

May 15th - Last day to submit applications

April 1st - May 20th - Interviews

June 6th - Start of the program

August 26th - Demo Day

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